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A lot of Nigerians are not yet fully aware of the function of micro-finance banks in Nigeria. They are not yet aware of how they can participate effectively in the banking system of micro-finance banks in such a way that they make positive impact on their businesses. Small scale businesses in Nigeria need to be made aware of the loans offered by micro-finance banks so that they can benefit from them.

Nigerians who deal on small scale businesses ought to improve their banking culture. They ought to know the essence of loans and other functions of micro-finance banks and the role it plays in developing their business. When the banking culture of Nigerians improve, it will have an effect on the performance of micro-finance banks in Nigeria. Banking culture in Nigeria with respect to small scale businesses is still very low and needs a lot of improvement. This has an effect on the economy of Nigeria as the banking sector is one of the major factors that can develop the economy of Nigeria.